Dorothy Falls

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Woodland Glen quality accommodation in the South Island is an ideal base for many of the local activities and attractions popular with visitors to Hokitika and the West Coast.

Within 30 minutes you can be well on the way to tramping through our spectacular native wilderness areas or just taking a leisurely walk along side one of the many lakes, strolling down the beach or visiting the beautiful and rugged countryside. Take a helicopter flight from Woodland Glen quality accommodation and satisfy the hunter/fisher within by spending time amongst the famous South Island fishing rivers and hunting locations around the West Coast - all within a short flying distance of Woodland Glen Lodge.

Your hosts are enthusiastic and experienced in planning and booking individual itineraries that will remain a favourite memory forever. For more information, contact Woodland Glen Lodge.

Lake Kaniere // Tramping

Scenic Drives

Heading east from Woodland Glen quality accommodation finds you at Lake Kaniere nestled amongst the foothills of the Southern Alps of the South Island. Enjoy the choice of several walks or just relax with the majestic scenery - rain or sunshine Lake Kaniere offers stunning views and is a must for any photographer.

As the road continues around the lake, stop and spend a few moments at the impressive Dorothy Falls - another photographic opportunity. Carry on in a southeasterly direction - following the signs and you will find yourself at the internationally renowned Hokitika Gorge. Yet another photographic stop but also take the time to stroll across the swing bridge and decide on how you would describe the colour. This is a "must see" tourist attraction.



Fishing is a popular pass time with guests of Woodland Glen quality accommodation. Throughout the West Coast of the South Island there are numerous lakes, rivers and creeks with an abundance of rainbow and brown trout just waiting for the avid angler. It is rumoured that some of the trout die of old age, so come and try your luck. There are a number of local fishing guides who know all the 'right spots' some of which can be reached by foot others by helicopter but all within close proximity to Woodland Glen Lodge.

Fishing season starts on October 1st and runs through to April 30th, although some of the lakes and non-spawning creeks can be fished all year.

Contact the hosts of Woodland Glen Lodge accommodation for more information.



Central Westland of the South Island offers the ideal environment for hunting enthusiasts, making Woodland Glen Lodge the optimum place to stay. Amongst the rugged foothills - and higher slopes - you will find red deer, Alpine chamois and the magnificently maned tahr in abundance.

Be flown by helicopter, with your guide, directly up into the Southern Alps and spend many a pleasurable hour stalking and targeting your choice of game. Hunting permits are required and along with individualised itineraries (your choice of spending a few days or just the one) arranged by your guide you can expect an unforgettable hunt before returning to the warmth and comfort of Woodland Glen quality accommodation.



Woodland Glen quality accommodation is only a few minutes drive from Hokitika's golf course, an 18-hole links course that will provide a challenge to golfers of all levels. As you walk around the course look south and see Aoraki Mount Cook standing out majestically against the skyline or just be soothed by the waves of the Tasman sea as they roll in onto the beach.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts

The West Coast of the South Island is home to many fine artists. The natural beauty of the local landscape providing inspiration to everyone. Painting, pottery, green stone carving, glass blowing, wood turning, copper sculpting, creative stonework, original handcrafted and gold nugget jewellery are just a few of the crafts available to see while spending some time here at Woodland Glen Lodge. Admire the artists' work or even turn your hand at designing and crafting your own individual piece.

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